Best 5+ Ways To Earn Online In Bangladesh 2018

online earning bangladesh

fiverr, upwork – formerly desk, Adsense and so on websites are the way to online earning in Bangladesh there to make contributions works. online survey for some document of beauty fill, you may mate a couple of pound sterling that is paid as coins or rewards. you may bag as much …

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SAMSUNG s8 price & Reviews in Bangladesh 2018

samsung s8 price and reviews

The samsung galaxy s8 is a call that should be one of the very first you observe at whilst determining which renovated cellphone you chap. The huge, bezel-less show is surely iconic and exquisite, and the display screen disposition preference. The fingerprint scanner being placed on the returned of the …

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5 best way to earn from Google Adsense in 2018

How to earn from Google Adsense

There square measure plenty of articles on the web that square measure already covering the terribly similar article, why you must scan this one? maybe it’ll be covering my personal expertise of five years with Google Adsense and can additionally share the guidelines to maximize Google Adsense earnings staying beneath …

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6 Programming Languages Every Web Developer Should Learn

web development languages

Programming languages are very interesting to learn but if you want to become a web developer and want to make a website on your own efforts then you should focus on 6 programming languages that i am going to discuss in this article. Programming Languages to Become a Web Developer …

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Technology Quotes to Inspire You Today

Technology Quotes

Today’s technology could be a booming market jam-packed with an exciting and innovative product and new learning opportunities. With technology as a serious shopper of our time associate degreed conjointly an exciting expertise in our world nowadays, square measure you intended to come up with one thing new? How does …

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Razer’s “Project Linda” turns your smartphone into laptop

Razor Linda

Razor Linda has declared a crazy idea referred to as “Project Linda” at the annual client natural philosophy Show in Las Vegas. It’s a shell for the Razor Linda Phone that transforms the smartphone into a fully- fledged Android-powered laptop computer. Razer believes the Project Linda idea can blur the …

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Samsung Notebook 9 Pen hands review

Samsung Notebook 9

Samsung is far higher better-known in North America for its smartphones than its computers and, at CES 2018, the corporate is making an attempt to require advantage of that truth. Its new  Samsung Notebook 9 Pen thirteen brings the acquainted S Pen, well-known to Samsung Notebook 9  homeowners, to the portable …

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Sony is finally shipping a fingerprint sensor on a phone

Sony phones can finally return to the North American nation with a sony fingerprint sensor on them. I know, that in all probability doesn’t sound terribly exciting as a result of each phone ships with a fingerprint detector on that. except for some reason, Sony has continuously disabled the fingerprint detector …

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Intel chip design flaw that could allowed hackers to access hidden info


SAN FRANCISCO — A style flaw disclosed weekday in Intel and a few different laptop chips may have allowed associate degree aggressor to look at hidden data like passwords meant to firmly keep on the chip. Hardware and code makers, as well as Apple and Microsoft, began pushing out patches …

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Intel Chips Security Fix Can Windows Operating System

intel chips

A style flaw has been discovered in Intel chips which will need major changes to be created to the Windows and UNIX system kernels. whereas patches are being worked on — and within the case of Windows Insiders, have already extended — users of each operational systems will expect expertise one thing of a performance hit. macOS machines running on Intel chips are affected. Intel is — for the instant — remaining tight-lipped regarding the specifics of the flaw that …

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