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free ssl certificate
free ssl certificate

How to Activate Free SSL on WordPress Website

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what is SSL Certificate

you have seen many times in the url bar there is something like looks green padlock. actually that padlock is SSL certificate which indicates that your website connection is secure and all the credentials of the users are safe and there is no credential flaws on the website.

how to get free ssl for wordpress site

you can easily get free SSL for you wordpress website just follow the steps below.

  1. go to website https://www.sslforfree.com  .
  2. enter your website url there.
  3. click on manual verification.
  4. scroll down click on manual verify domain.
  5. download 2 files from there download file #1 and download file #2.
  6. now go to your cpanel file manager and create a folder as it is “.well-known”.
  7. create another folder in previous folder and name it as “acme-challenge”.
  8. upload the 2 download files into acme-challenge folder.
  9. now check your files are existing on your server or not by clicking on verification links,
  10. once your verification has been done then click on download SSL certificate.
  11. now go to your website cpanel and scroll down to security section click SSL/TLS.
  12. click on manage ssl sites.
  13. select your domain.
  14. enter downloaded Certificate: (CRT) code .
  15. enter downloaded Private Key (KEY) code.
  16. enter downloaded Certificate Authority Bundle: (CABUNDLE) code.
  17. click install certificate.
  18. now go to your wordpress site admin panel.
  19. add new plugin name “really simple ssl”.
  20. activate plugin and enjoy free ssl certificate.

Download Really Simple SSL


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