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Awesome Features Of Unzeenu

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Now, real interesting features in the website and app that attracted such a huge customer base include:

(a) In the unzeenu mobile app, there is a feature called ‘instant vehicle connect’ , where people can click to auto scan any vehicle license plate and use that as a tag to send a message to someone. This is really a cool feature patented for unzeenu. It allow someone to send a message to someone they saw in a car or want to pass a message to the car owner. Once you register and update your vehicle number in ‘my profile’, you simply get that message and then it creates a private loop from the time you start sending that person a reply.

(b) Also, unzeenu instant connect is the next interesting feature where you can can set a distance range from 10 meters to 400KM with the distace circle in the app and see who is in the range and send a message through the mobile app.

(c) In additon to using peoples personal data, it has other tags such a magic words, even or location name to use as tags for sending messages. Therefore, people can pass their secret messages without pointing it to any persons real names. Also, when you create an account, it has option to be seen by a nickname.

(d) The sender manages the messages. After you send the message, you have really good options such as you can keep the message hidden and appear after a certain date set by you. Also, if you go to my sent items, you can permanently delete your messages so that no one else can find it again

(e) Community page is also a great place to visit by anyone who wants to advertise their products and services. This free feature allows not only written and graphic adverts, but, if you have videos, it will be uploaded to their random play list and will be automatically played.

Therefore, this has provided the opportunity for the people to communicate with each other without having to disclose any of the real details. Since all the communications are encrypted, your personal communications are safe.

If someone use the tags such as vehicle registration details, magic words, or location or even names, the 1st outgoing message can be viewed by anyone using those details. However, once a recipient start to reply to that message, it creates a ‘private loop’ so that the messages can be seen only by the sender and recipient in the loop

App Link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.unzeenu&hl=en

Iphone APP : https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/unzeenu/id1421142499?mt=8

Website Link: https://www.unzeenu.com

Introduction : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CpaWPV-FI4

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