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SAMSUNG s8 price & Reviews in Bangladesh 2018

samsung s8 price and reviews

The samsung galaxy s8 is a call that should be one of the very first you observe at whilst determining which renovated cellphone you chap. The huge, bezel-less show is surely iconic and exquisite, and the display screen disposition preference. The fingerprint scanner being placed on the returned of the …

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Razer’s “Project Linda” turns your smartphone into laptop

Razor Linda

Razor Linda has declared a crazy idea referred to as “Project Linda” at the annual client natural philosophy Show in Las Vegas. It’s a shell for the Razor Linda Phone that transforms the smartphone into a fully- fledged Android-powered laptop computer. Razer believes the Project Linda idea can blur the …

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Samsung Notebook 9 Pen hands review

Samsung Notebook 9

Samsung is far higher better-known in North America for its smartphones than its computers and, at CES 2018, the corporate is making an attempt to require advantage of that truth. Its new  Samsung Notebook 9 Pen thirteen brings the acquainted S Pen, well-known to Samsung Notebook 9  homeowners, to the portable …

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Sony is finally shipping a fingerprint sensor on a phone

Sony phones can finally return to the North American nation with a sony fingerprint sensor on them. I know, that in all probability doesn’t sound terribly exciting as a result of each phone ships with a fingerprint detector on that. except for some reason, Sony has continuously disabled the fingerprint detector …

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