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6 Programming Languages Every Web Developer Should Learn

web development languages

Programming languages are very interesting to learn but if you want to become a web developer and want to make a website on your own efforts then you should focus on 6 programming languages that i am going to discuss in this article. Programming Languages to Become a Web Developer …

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How to Remove WP from URL of a WordPress website – Technology Aim

Remove WP from URL Sometimes beginners stuck in wordpress while installing it.They find very common mistake in the url of their website after installing the wordpress on their server. During wordpress installation they forget to remove WP from the directory field which creates problem in the url of site after …

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How to Make Simple And Easy Pagination in PHP Easy Method

pagination in php

In web development php considered the most popular language in the world. PHP has good scope in the in web development field.In php there are alot of cases in which you will get stuck. like pagination in php. The most frequently search on the google and youtube. people want to …

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WordPress Tutorials complete course for beginners free download

Wordpress Tutorials

Now a days everyone is using the wordpress because it is very handy and easy to use despite learning a single line of coding you can easily make your own website and your own blog also.it is considering very useful now a days.Learn from WordPress Tutorials. wordpress is best CMS …

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