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find target websites
find target websites

How to Find Target websites and add comments for backlinks

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you can easily find target websites by this software and easily add there comments on their blogs for getting backlinks from their sites and rank your site.now a days backlinks plays a very vital role in ranking a site on the first page of the google. competition is very tough in these days and it’s very hard to rank a site on the first page of the google so you have to struggle harder to get first position on the first page of the google and other SE(search engines).

in this software you just have to add niche name and press start button and this will automatically find blogs for commenting regarding to your niche and you will easily be able to add comments there and get free backlinks from their blogs.

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now a days its very hard to find target websites because there is alot of none working tricks and softwares but this software will truely help you to get quality backlinks from quality blogs.

Download it and find target websites


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  1. Very helpful blogging. Already I’ve visited several links you provided in your list. All the links are very effective. I’d like to see more such beautiful links from you by this posting.

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