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Gradle sync project failed

Gradle sync project failed – Android Studio Error Solutions

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Gradle sync project failed is very common error in Android studio latest versions. There are several reasons of this error the most important is updates when you update your pc the related softwares in it also updates when a little change is happen in android studio it suddenly started to show this error “Gradle sync project failed” on your android studio screen.

What is the solution of Gradle sync project failed Error ?

Gradle sync project failed  Error Solution 1 :-

  • Updated SDK Build-Tool
  • Updated CMake
  • Updated Android SDK Platform-Tools
  • Updated Android SDK Tools
  • Updated NDK

Gradle sync project failed Error Solution 2 :- 

Just ignore the error and attempt running the undertaking besides. It will fail but this time you’ll get a hyperlink in the error description. Clicking the link will trigger the automatic replace/download of the old/missing aspect.

In my case, the challenge failed to release instances, on every occasion another api/sdk issue being the perpetrator. Just click on the error link on every occasion and it’d simply be just right for you as it did for me.

In my case i used to be simply seeking to release a sample mission i downloaded, having no clue what api degree became being centered or where to search for this facts.

Gradle sync project failed Error Solution 3 :- 

Open android studio and go to your sdk manager(document>settings>sdk manager)
Check for (-) icon in the front of any package and click on it.
Click adequate to begin updating the sdk.

Gradle sync project failed Error Solution 4 :- 
It seems unique from one scenario to every other. For me i did an installation and update lots of factors that the sdk supervisor said to then i had this problem. All i did became: from record -> invalidate caches/restart (a dialog will pop-up) pick out invalidate and restart.

After the restart is achieved. The entirety turned into constant but i had to create a new emulator and delete the antique one. one professional ought to edit this to be more understandable.


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