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increase adsense cpc
increase adsense cpc

How to increase Adsense CPC ( cost per click ) Rate of Website

how to increase adsense cpc

As we know that google adsense is one of the most famous advertisement company in the world. so it is very important to understand the factors of adsense. adsense pays for per click means it is a cpc network which pays you for one click.     increase adsense cpc

Now the question is how can we increase adsense cpc rate? mostly people got stuck in that case because they are getting very low rate like 0.01 per click or 0.02 per click. so what is the reason why adsense give such a low rate?

Answer is adsense detects keywords in your article if you are using low cpc keywords then it will pay you very low rate mostly people uses spin articles in their blog that is the biggest reason why adsense pays you low.

Always use high cpc keywords in your article such like education, technology, insurance, health. always use these kind of articles and make blog on these niche. because google pays you the most on insurance, technology and like i have mentioned before.

This is the only way that you can increase your cpc rate otherwise there is no other shortcut in my opinion by which you can easily increase adsense cpc rate. you should choose high paying keyword and let know google crawlers that your blog is rich and quality is high of your blog in this case google will allow you  to show high paying ads and you can earn many more in this way.and always check your high paying keywords in the keyword planner.

Do not go for the shortcuts to increase adsense cpc rate because shortcut may be give you benefit for the short time of period but not recommended for the long term work. so work hard and write your own content and do not go for spin content because spin content will ruin your blog and also ruin your skills in the future.

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