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Introduction and basic structure of HTML

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HTML ? we all use Internet and we all search daily different kind of websites for example Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google and many more like this.

did you ever noticed that what is the structure of that websites and how it works ?

if your answer is no then you are at right place.

All these websites are using HTML none of the single site in this world is without HTML .

so the question is :

what is HTML ?

HTML stands for hyper text mark up language.

Basically HTML initialize the structure of the web page.

HTML Elements are described by “TAGS”.

The tags could be headings, paragraphs, tables, images, audio, video, form and many more.

Any kind of browsers do not display the tags but it always display the elements.

Basic structure of HTML







Explanations of basic structure

  • The “<html>” tag describes the beginning of the html code.whenever you start to code the web page, it is compulsory to start with the “<html>” tag.
  • the “<head>” tag describes the head portion of the page on your browser for example we can put page icon in the head tag, we can also use title tag in the specific area of head tag and many more things we can do in the head tag.

Next is body tag in the “<body>” tag , this is the main tag in web page all of our visible data like paragraphs, heading, images will appears in the body.without body tag you can not show anything on the web page.

One thing just keep in your mind when even you open any tag it should be closed at the end otherwise you will find your self in deep trouble because html is not like other programming languages which show error.in HTML you will have to point out out your error by reading the code from the starting to end.

example of opening and closing tags

<html>  <–HTML tag open

</html>  <–  HTML tag closed

<head>  <– head tag open

</head>  <– head tag closed

<body>  <– body tag open

</body> <– body tag closed

Heading and paragraph tags :

heading tag has six different types

<h1> </h1>

<h2> </h2>

<h3> </h3>

<h4> </h4>

<h5> </h5>
<h6> </h6>

And the paragraph tag is

<p>This is a paragraph tag in which you can write long and short kind of articles, stories whatever you want to write </p>

For more understanding you should watch that given tutorial.this will give you some more good ideas about HTML

Even after watching this video if u have any question. please comment your questions below in the commenting box.

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