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Learn about HTML Tags

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In HTML, there are so many tags which performs their specific tasks that are predefined in the HTML language.There are tags like heading tags which we read in the previous post and it is for creating the heading in the web page and we also read about the paragraph tags which is used for writing a paragraph in the posts.

In this tutorial we are going to explain some tags which are very important in the HTML language and is the most useful tags in the HTML.The most common tags are given below look at the example.

Working of HTML Tags

Tags           Working

<!doctype>   Doctype define the type of html in the web page

<html>           Defines that the html document

<title>            Defines that the title of the web page

<body>          Defines the body of the html web page

<h1>to<h6>  To check working of this tag please check out previous post

<p>                 It defines the paragraph

<hr>               It is defined some kind of devision in the web page by drawing a line.line can be horizontal or vertical

<b>                 It is used to bold the text in the html web page

<center>        it is used to center the the content in the html web page

<mark>         it is used to highlight the text

<small>         it is used for smaller texts

<strong>       it is just like the <b> tag but is most used for important texts

<a>                 this is called anchor tag and it is used for creating links between different type of web pages in one website.look at the example Click me and i will derive you to the main page of this website

<form>          this tag is very main tag in html language and it is use to make form , suppose in contact us page we usually see there some kind of input fields like name,email,address and phone etc. these all are made in the form tag

<input>         this input tag is used in the form tag as nested tag all fields uses this tag

<table>          table tag used to create a table in the web page

<style>           this tag is used to give some sort of styling to our elements in the web page like change the color of text  changing the background color etc

<script>         with script tag u could be able to add some javascript scripts for your web page

<div>              div tag is the most important tag in the whole HTML language with this tag u could be able to devide your page in to various portion and can give different type of styling to the different section areas

<embed>       this is used to embed some youtube videos audios and different kind of media

<iframe>        this tag is also like embed tag and it almost works like embed tag


For more information about HTML Tags read more




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