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How to Remove WP from URL of a WordPress website – Technology Aim

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Remove WP from URL

Sometimes beginners stuck in wordpress while installing it.They find very common mistake in the url of their website after installing the wordpress on their server. During wordpress installation they forget to remove WP from the directory field which creates problem in the url of site after installing it.you can easily Remove WP from URL from wordpress website.

How to Remove WP from the URL ?

just follow the steps to Remove WP from URL

  1. go to your website’s cpanel.
  2. uninstall wordpress from cpanel.
  3. again install wordpress
  4. remove wp from directory field
Remove WP from URL
Remove WP from URL

now proceed furthers steps to install wordpress. so by this way you can remove wp from the url of the wordpress website.this is very common mistake all beginners do while installing the wordpress in the server. never confuse with this little problems always try to find solutions from the internet.

if you still finding the same problem do not need to worry just comment below your problem or you can also contact with us. best way is comment below your below we will reply you as soon as possible

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