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Top Reasons Why Most People SUCK at SEO

Because 90% of the time, they don’t want to do SEO. They heard or read a success story and understood that it made good money, so the first thing they do is read an article and claim to be an SEO professional.

Almost every day I get someone sending me a private message asking me if I need guest posts or if I can teach them.They focus on metrics that were popular three years ago, and their way of thinking is not “what is most important for my client, what is going to move the needle?

Their pitches are all about “me me me me,” “i i i i i i” but they don’t give a damn, because they do not enjoy what they are doing enough to spend every day working on their craft.When I first began I read and worked my ass off till 5 A.M to do the same thing at 10 A.M. I minimized sleep and things that distracted me, and I worked my ass off.

Most of these people wake up to send private messages spamming others with their “AMAZING” guest posts, that nobody with knowledge is going to buy.

Do you want to learn SEO? Okay, go, and learn SEO. Do you want to make money? Do something you love to do and not something you’ve read that makes a lot of money.Because SEO and anything in life only make a lot of money if you spend enough time in it to be good at it. Good enough to grow as a person.Sure you can make a quick buck when you get lucky and get a client, but how long is it going to last if you have no idea what you are doing?

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  1. The big frustration here is the large volume that read content online and proceed to take on clients. Like most things in life theory will only get you so far. You need to either go an build your own properties and rank them, test and understand the nuisances or go and work under someone experienced for a few years and actually execute campaigns before taking peoples hard earned money.

  2. This has been great to read, as someone just starting out, I’ve done a lot of the theory, I’m towards the end of an MSc in digital marketing and constantly look for online resources to further my knowledge of SEO. I’m fortunate to be on a 6-month placement in-house where I can apply what I am learning directly for my employer’s benefit. That being said I agree with what Dimitar Margaritov said about having the confidence to actually execute what you learn, on the opposite end of the scale from people who claim to be experts when they really aren’t you have people that very much might be but lack the confidence to bring value to a client…..guess it’s that leap of faith you mentioned!

  3. Hey man, if you ever need help starting out feel free to send me a PM I don’t mind helping people, I just don’t help people get good at something they don’t like doing. That would make me a murderer cuz I would be helping killing someones dreams. I do like helping people in general though.
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